Nitrado – For sponsoring Eternal with official servers.

NarKotix – For customizing our tranqs. God of graphs.
Tbjbu2 & Dreyn74 – For their work and in making Redemption.
KnoT – For all your hard work acting as a community manager, providing servers and a SVN, in the beginning.
Yuriko – For all the different mod logotypes.
Ari – For all the graphics for the Steampage.
Nuke – For all the awesome screenshots provided to the modpage.
OrionSun – For super spyglass open source code.
Zythara – New Assistant Developer our GOTO Model/Mesh/Rigging guy
Vanguard- Returning Assistant Developer helped out with cleaning up the Dino Steroids Imprint code.

iSPEZZ and GodZilla – Assistant Devs who have helped out with new dino content as well as some fixes for existing things.

All Past and Present Developers of the mod team who have contributed anything to the overall development of the mod over the last 2 years plus .

Stoneworld Battle & Volatile Reaction Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

All of our testers. You have helped speeding everything up alot.
Our users, without you there wouldnt be any need for this mod.