Isn’t this just an ACA clone?!

No, while in the beginning we did use the ACA Redemption source as a basis(with permission at the time) to start Eternal, the mod itself has since grown into it’s own seperate entity and has absolutely no Legacy ACA source left in it as of the may 5 2019 Update.

So any and all claims that are counter to this are false and fraudulent.

I cant learn any engrams or my dinos are missing after mod update.
Common issue for these problems are missing, corrupted mod files or bad mod update.
Most hosts and dedicated servers use SteamCMD utility to download mods from ark workshop and this utility is using an old technology where any mods over 1gb it timesout if download is not finished super hyper quickly. This is why there are no issues with normal Steam Client downloads which uses a different download technology.If you cant get the mod fully downloaded, manually upload it from your client to your server via FTP. Updating large mods might give false suscessfull message in hosts control panel during updating, that is wrong and misleading. Please use ftp method to upload large mods to avoid any problems and do not rely on host control panel mod update feature.
What are the control keys for breath attacks?
All elementals beam, breath attacks are bound to left ctrl , c or right click.
I get crazy vanilla spawns on Crystal Isles/Ragnarök and adjusting it wont work.
Those maps(and others that are unfinished) have the same issues The Center had when it was newly released. Adjusting dinospawns or even removing dinos with npcreplacement wont work. At all. We have confirmed that code to adjust or remove dinos works fine on The Island, The Center & Shigo Islands. As soon we launch the server with the exact same configs on Ragnarök/Crystal Isles, the overspawns begin and the code to remove those dinos doesn’t work anymore. There is nothing we can do at our end so you’ll have to ask the makers of such maps.
Where can I find the logotype?
My wild dinos isnt spawning at the right levels.
If Eternal is loaded first, it will set your wild dinos to maxlevel 600. If Eternal is loaded after another mod that changes this, Eternal dinos will end up at same level that mod or default serversettings specify. To override this, use these settings DifficultyOffset=1 & OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20.0 in your GameUserSettings.ini. Remember to wipe all wild dinos afterwards. If it still isnt working, your serverprovider have a commandline that overrides this and these settigns should be put on the commandline. Difficulty is explained here.
My Beetle isn’t making any resources?
Put Eternal Kibble in it’s inventory and set it to wander. A dino can only hold a certain amount of items so if it stops producing, remove the items and redo the process. Sometimes it glitches and you need to repeat the steps above, shouldn’t really be a issue.
Which maps is compatible with Eternal?
All maps that use the vanilla spawncontainers as we only add dinos to those. The only remap Eternal does is the Dead/Monster Island.
I’m having a massive overspawn of creature X on my map.
Common creatures that overspawn is Quetzes, Mosas and Squids. Some have reported overspawns of Beavers and Pelargonis aswell.
If you are suffering from overspawns there are 4 possible scenarios, either there is another mod conflicting, your settings are changed, you are using a custom map that alter spawns, or most likely, you are suffering from the vanilla overspawn issue.
If you play on Ragnarok then there may be Squid overspawns and that is Wildcard, not us. Some vanilla containers are verified broken by Wildcard and will hopefully be fixed in the future. In the meantime, lower or disable those spawns yourself in your serversettings.
But, but, only Eternal dinos overspawn..
Not really. For example let’s look at the Mosas. We have not remapped Mosaspawns, only added our version, Behemoth Mosa. That creature is set to be a maximum of 5% of the total spawns in that container. So if regular vanilla Mosas overspawns, obviously our Behemoth Mosa will overspawn aswell.
What saddle is used for Darkstar?
Alpha Giga saddle.
Which dinos can damage metal and tek?
Mystical, Resurrected and Phantasmal. This can change in the future.
Which flyers can fly underwater?
The Unknown Wyverns and Elemental Tapejaras.
Is Eternal working on SE/TheCenter?
Yes. SE wont have all dinos though, and that’s intended to not destroy SE’s harder gameplay. If you feel that some dinos should be added to SE spawns, let us know!
Will Eternal work with another core mod?
We are trying to design it in that way, so for example, you can run Extinction in first slot and Eternal in second as the stuff we add is additional and doesn’t change the built-in settings. Some things will not be as intended though, like the dino levels, tamingaffinity and levels on bosses, so your gameplay might be altered.
How much torpor do the Eternal tranqs do?
They use 2 types of poison damage which you can fully customize yourself to fit your servers need. See the page for serversettings.
What’s the purpose of the Raphus Dodo?
A walking fridge, especially good early on when you cant make fridges and the preserving bin is to much of a hassle. The Raphus Dodo can only level up health and weight, has x8 multiplier for preserving food and uses the vanilla Dodo’s settings for eating food.
Where can I find the Adminbird? What is the Adminbird?
The Adminbird has been removed due to it being used in ways that it shouldn’t of been used for.
Adminbird, really strong and can one-hit pretty much everything. Only spawnable with commands and can fly underwater.
My Alpha saddle wont fit on my Alpha creature?
You are running another mod that adds Alpha creatures and Alpha saddles. For example, Primal Fear is popular to run alongside with Eternal. That mod has its own versions and those saddles wont work on our creatures and vice versa.
Eternal dinos tame very quickly?
Yes – all Eternal dinos have a custom class setting where taming affinity has been altered to x20. That may sound a bit much but that is what the community wanted. If you are running Eternal as designed, with level 600 dinos(difficulty 20), it shouldnt be a issue.
Sheep wont give me any mutton?!
Correct, designed that way to combat the fact that Mutton is a failure from WC and there is no way to alter Muttons taming affininty. Meaning that a resource you get 200-400 per Sheep is better than Eternals best food and completely screw up the way Alpha/Primes were meant to be tamed. If you have Eternal in second spot after another overhaul mod, you will get regular Ovis with Mutton. And you can still spawn in Mutton.
I have a bug to report but don’t know where to report it.
Best way to report a bug is to either report it in The Ark: Eternal Discord or submit a forum post and a dev will contact you for more information. Note: When filling out the forum it is essential you fill it out with as much detail as possible so it can be recreated and tested.
Have an idea for Ark: Eternal?
Join the Ark: Eternal Discord then go to #ideas_suggestions and express your idea!