As an overhaul mod a new tiered elemental system has just been introduced. This means you cannot just knock out any dino with any old tranq. You need to progress through all the tiers to get the better dinos.

Basic Rundown

  • All the normal tranqs in the game will be able to knock out dinos lower than the Eternal alphas.
  • To knock out an Eternal alpha you will need an alpha tranq dart or an Elemental Poison/ Lightning dino. (Most likely a Ptera)
  • To knock out a Prime Dino you will need either alpha tranq darts or an Eternal alpha elemental poison or Lightning dino (Again most likely a Ptera)
  • If you want to tame anything above Prime you will need a Prime Tranq Dart or an unknown elemental dino (E.g. The Unknown Poison Wyvern)