How to tranq with poison elementals/ Eternal tranq arrows


  1. Hit target, Initial torpor (if Set to true) and Torpor over time apply as well as any other effects (stun, food drain).
  2. Wait for coloured smoke to disappear underneath target (10 seconds)
  3. Repeat Step 1, Repeat Step 2
  4. KO’d Target after enough repetitions of steps 1 and 2

Initial Default Settings For Tranq arrows and darts as well as elemental Dinos are enough to KO up to but not including Alpha Dinos.

Eternal Alpha Tier and Beyond require Higher settings in the configs preferably for the elemental dinos.

This will allow you to customize taming/ko difficulty to your preferences as well as set the challenge of taming back in place for the higher Tier dinos.

Keep in Mind if you hit your target before the Smoke is gone you lose your initial Torpor damage and it resets the timer for Torpor over time to 10 seconds again.

This is to make Tranqing/ Knocking out require a bit of patience, planning and skill rather than just spamming of arrows/darts or attacks to KO something.

ALL Elemental Tier Tranq /Dino Torp Settings are no longer effected by melee% or Weapon quality/dmg they are completely seperate, Eternal Alpha and Up Torpor Settings Also Consider Melee% of the dino as a multiplier when applying torpor as well as configs.

Also of note is Poison Dino Torpor also Drains Food.

Electric Stun duration on the Elec Dinos and Electric Arrow is halved to 5 seconds so there is 5 seconds that the dino will NOT be stunned before the torpor buff expires. Meaning , no more stun locking dinos or players. Also, note stun will not reapply period until yellow smoke clears from buff.

Also of Note: Different instigators (sources) of a buff SHOULD stack on the same target ie if two players or Dinos hit a target both of their buffs Should apply and do torpor etc , this should encourage cooperation when knocking out harder dinos.

Credits to Leutian Kane for the Discussion on the Eternal Mod Page