uTalk Language Learning Essentials

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uTalk Language Learning Essentials

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Learning a new language is a fantastic way to break down barriers and understand how other cultures and communities go about their day to day lives.

If you’ve been wanting to learn another language but don’t necessarily have a lot of time, or you’d like to learn a few basics to get the ball rolling, then uTalk is most definitely for you.

uTalk Language Learning Essentials - choose from one of 140+ languages

  • 5 Essential Topics from the uTalk language learning product for free
  • Topics included - First Words, Travelling, Food and Drink, Social phrases, Restaurant
  • Over 3 hours of learning per Topic
  • Learn useful words and phrases from real native speakers
  • Play games and activities to help you learn
  • You don’t have to be an English speaker, you can choose which language to learn from
  • Learn on any device

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