Create a Wyvern TEK Saddle



[Created by TimeWalker|ProjectK. Contact me if you have questions or need help]
Discord: TimeWalker#5238


  • Find the File: SM_Tek_Wyvern_Saddle (Static Mesh)
  • Right Click -> Export -> as FBX -> Change Name to custom name
  • Find the File: Wyvern (Skeletal Mesh)
  • Right Click -> Export -> as FBX -> Change Name to custom name


  • Clean the Scene (Delete Cube, Camera and Light)
  • File -> Import -> FBX -> Static Mesh (Tek Saddle)
  • File -> Import -> FBX -> Skeletal Mesh (Wyvern)
  • Check you are in “Object Mode”
  • Click on the Wyvern (Creature) Mesh -> Delete
  • Select the TEK Mesh and the Rig using “SHIFT”
  • CTRL+P -> Amature Deform -> with Automatic Weights
  • Right side of the Screen, you see the “Object tree”
  • Rightclic on “Wyvern” -> Delete
  • Zoom out to see your mesh
  • Select MESH and Rig using SHIFT
  • File -> Export -> FBX
  • Set Export Scale to: 0.01
  • Name your file and Choose Target directory -> Export


  • Drag and drop the created Wyvern saddle file into your mod folder
  • a window will show up, do following selections:
  • Import Mesh: YES
  • Skeletal Mesh: YES
  • Animation: NO
  • Material: NO
  • Texture: NO
  • For Skeleton: Select the Original WYVERN_SKELETON file
  • Leave the rest to Default, click IMPORT ALL
  • Open the SM_Tek_Wyvern_Saddle (Static Mesh) to get the Material
  • Apply the Material from the Static mesh to your new Skeletal Mesh
  • Search in the DevKit for any dino saddle (for example Baryonyx)
  • COPY the file “PrimalItemArmor_BaryonyxSaddle” to your mod folder
  • Rename this file so it fits your Mod name
  • Open up the copied Saddle file
  • Set Following informations:
  • Equip Requires Explicit Owner Tags = Wyvern
  • Descriptive Name Base: Wyvern Tek Saddle
  • Item Description: Equip a Wyvern with this to ride it.
  • Components to attach:
  1. Find the Section MESH, replace the Baryonyx Skeletal mesh with your new WYVERN saddle Skeletal Mesh
  2. Anim Blueprint Generated Class: TestWyvern_AnimBP
  • To add a Saddle slot on the Wyvern:
  1. Create a CHILD copy of the Wyvern
  3. Replaced TAMED INVENTORY COMPONENT TEMPLATE on your CHILD Wyvern with the Copy you made
  4. open the Dino TamedInventoryComponent_Wyvern COPY file
  5. go to Equippable Item Types: Add new -> Saddle
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