Locate and alter mod engrams

Do the mod you are using have an engram you want to disable/edit and the author hasn’t provided you with an engram-list? You can find mod engrams manually by browsing the mods folder in explorer with these 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Locate your Mods-folder. Filepath may differ a bit.

Go to the Steam Workshop mod page and look at the last digits in the URL. That’s the ID of the mod. Once you have the ID, enter the folder in your Mods-folder that has that number.

Steam Workshop modpage ID
Your Mods-folder

Step 2

Either search in the mods folder or manually browse through the subfolders in it until you can find what you are looking for.

Step 3

Copy the name of it, in this example, “EngramEntry_AutomaticFeeder“.

Insert the engram into your code, don’t forget to add a “_C” at the end since it’s a class. Customize it to your liking. When you are satisfied, add the code into your Game.ini.

Remember to exit your singleplayer game or stop your server before updating your Game.ini-file.


Also checkout how to customize engrams and how to locate and edit your Game.ini & GameUserSettings.ini!

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