Fully Rigged Wyvern Tek Saddle


Download Fully Rigged Wyvern Tek Saddle
Size: 2.6 MB



I’ve fully weight-painted and implemented the Wyvern Tek Saddle as is. It does not have any sort of weapon (as it did not come with one), nor does this modify anything to do with wyverns to give them a saddle slot. However, I felt the effort would’ve gone wasted on my private server mod, so I wanted to give out the raw files to anyone who has any use for the Tek Saddle or who wants to improve it and add weaponry, etc. If I can figure it out, I may update this with a version with weaponry and will edit this post if I do. By default, it requires the Rex Tek Saddle to learn and is slightly more costly to craft. The engram does not give to inventory and the saddle does not link to anything for crafting, so that needs to be set up. Everything else should be fine. (I’ll likely upload just this + a crafting station as a stackable mod for anyone looking for just the saddle in the future, so please don’t upload this alone, thank you! No attribution needed.)

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