ARK Sponsored Mods July 2020

New Sponsored Mods


The Hunted

The Hunted is a mod that aims to emulate the difficulty of ARK to be more like its early development days. The Hunted has plans and development for features like territorial behavior, nesting, and new taming methods. If you don’t think you should feel safe in a survival game, this might be a mod you want to check out!

Check out The Hunted

Dino Hoarders’ TLC

While not an official TLC for the game, it is always fascinating to see new artistic approaches and styles from our modding community. Dino Hoarders’ TLC has plans to do community TLCs on a lot of the game’s creatures with a unique art style! We look forward to seeing what is to come with this mod.

Check out Dino Hoarders’ TLC


We’re a little late with the official announcement but this project was a late addition that started sponsorship in June! Tiamat is a beautiful map with a focus on the ocean, an often underutilized part of the world. The visual style of this map is fantastic and deserves a look, especially if you are interested in vibrant ocean areas.

Check out Tiamat

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