ARK Sponsored Mods March 2021

New Sponsored Mods

It’s that time where we introduce new projects in the sponsored mod program! Our first set of picks for the year is ready for you to enjoy.

The ARK Sponsored Mod Program

is also now accepting applications for the next selection, you will be able to apply until April 5th. Don’t forget to submit your projects at


Fjördur is a beautiful map inspired by Norse culture and myth. Featuring 3 primary landmasses, a solid but carefully chosen range of biomes, and unique map structures. The authors have more planned for this map, so give it a try!

Check out Fjördur


MarniiMods: Hairstyles

If you have ever just wanted more hair options on your ARK, Marnii has you covered. Not only will you find a couple dozen new hairstyles in this mod as well as new facial hair options, but also tools that make it even easier to give yourself some style!

Check out MarniiMods: Hairstyles



Glacius is a challenging map focused on surviving the harsh elements of a frigid landscape. On Glacius you’ll facing challenging weather such as snowstorms and blizzards. It even comes with it’s own set of snow structures for players to build with!

Check out Glacius


Prehistoric Beasts

Mods that expand the array of wildlife are always a joy to see. Prehistoric beasts adds a pretty significant set of new creatures in their own unique visual styles for players to enjoy, if you have been wanting to see some new faces around the island, you should give this mod a look!

Check out Prehistoric Beasts

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