ARK Sponsored Mods November 2019

Sponsored Mod Updates

We are welcoming four new projects to the Sponsored Mod Program today! We hope to see these projects flourish and expand on the things that they do great.


Author: Snowy
Faith is a complete reenvisioning of The Island with new twists and creative ideas. If you would like to see an old favorite in a new face you should check out this labor of love.

Primal NPCs

Author: multipl3x
Primal NPCs take some unique turns for an NPC mod, such as the ability to order them around via chat. The NPC game is evolving!

Prehistoric Structures & Paintable Structures

Author: Lisa
Prehistoric Structures offer another unique visual design for those that are interested in more primal structure designs.
Paintable Structures offers a more modern touch with an insane amount of customizability.
Between these two sets of structures, most players should be able to find something they love!

ARK Parados

Author: Malinja
ARK Parados is an overhaul mod that offers a wide range of custom creature variants. Bright colors and unique mechanics are sure to be a treat for the eyes and the adventurous.

Applying to be a Sponsored Mod

Sponsored Mod Program applications will open again on January 1st. We hope that everyone enjoys their winter break!

Happy Modding!

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