Interview with Amalgamaniac

Interview with Amalgamaniac

Today we’re giving you a little peek into an ARK modders life. Let’s meet Josh Crosby, also known as Amalgamaniac!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Age, where you’re from. Interests, hobbies, etc.

I’m 29 from Mississippi. I’m a gamer, but I also love music, theater, and performing in general.

How did you get started on your projects?

I started out as a coder for a mod called PokeArk: Claw & Fang and I wanted to try and make my own mod.

What is/has been your inspiration?

I don’t really have a singular inspiration. I started out playing ARK: Survival Evolved with mods and I felt like putting my own spin on things as well.

Is this your first ARK-related project? Have you worked on anything similar before?

This is my first solo ARK-related project (though, there’s plenty of collaboration), but my first ARK-related project was PokeArk: Claw & Fang. Since releasing ARK: Reclamation, I’ve also released ARK: Reclamation’s “Eerie Dinos” as well as a few more mods coming very soon,

ARK: Reclamation
ARK: Reclamation

Outside of the ARK world, have you any other experience with any type of modding or coding?

None whatsoever.

Do you have any tips and tricks for other people that either are doing this or want to get into it?

You just need to dive into it feet first. Whether you’re already experienced in modding or have no experience whatsoever, modding is always a learning experience with everything you do.

ARK: Reclamation

Mentally, this mod has gone through many different revisions, but I think I finally settled on an approach that could be a jumping-off point for something BIG, so… Let’s all go on this journey together!

Some might think of this as another “dino overhaul” mod. Personally, I like to think it fills that niche between “vanilla-ish” and “balls-to-the-wall overhaul” that not a lot of mods like to occupy

The goal of this mod: To give a new use to creatures/dinos that don’t get enough live while also (subjectively) making the creatures/dinos you already love that much better. I’ll also be adding a lot of custom UE4 marketplace creatures to the mod along the way.

Do you have any plans or spoilers for your project you’d like to share?

Everything I currently have planned is posted on ARK: Reclamation’s Discord.

Anything you’d like to add?

Stay tuned, because there’s PLENTY of new content to come for ARK: Reclamation.


Thanks to Amalgamaniac for taking the time to talk to us and share his experiences!

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