Interview with CrazyDemonicWolf

Interview with CrazyDemonicWolf

Today we’re giving you a little peek into an ARK modders life. Let’s meet CrazyDemonicWolf!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Age, where you’re from. Interests, hobbies, etc.

Hi! I am CrazyDemonicWolf, also known to others as CDW, Crazy, or Wolf! I have no idea why people leave out the Demonic but oh well!

A graduate from Scotland who recently just finished a course for BSC Honours in Audio Engineering, a passion that sprouted from my school days messing around in the assembly halls with the audio equipment. I love messing around with anything technical, taking it apart and putting it together, as well as messing around with coding and development engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

Hobbies now include running my own gaming community and streaming on Twitch every now and then. However games are definitely a true passion, playing all sorts from ARK: Survival Evolved, Raft, Atlas to games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, COD: Warzone, Cold War and many more. However, ARK will always remain my favorite as it was one of the first games I started with when I got my first laptop. …Yes I ran Ark on a laptop, Don’t judge me! 🙂

How did you get started on your project?

I actually started off with a different project, well two to be exact. One was called Wolfblood Evolved as it was a small mod I wanted for friends so we could all have our own wolves colored and designed to our liking. However when that started to expand I ported it all over to a new mod called Crazy’s Crazy Dinos! It was around then when I started working for Ark: Eternal, per the recommendation of NanoDragon (another mod dev), as I was looking for some help in expanding my knowledge in the ARK dev kit.

I was super limited and working from tutorials from Exilog and the Official Ark Modding Community. This was around 5-6 years ago now! After getting to know the ARK dev kit more I started to expand my own dino mod again, learning a lot from LeutianKane as well as prome! It was around a year later when I left Ark: Eternal and moved to Gaia working for prome, learning more of the graph side while working alongside NanoDragon on my mods as well as his!

From there I discovered the newly added potions in Crazy’s Crazy Dinos were a hit and so I decided to publish them as a separate mod altogether! This was when Crazy’s Crazy Potions was born!

What is/has been your inspiration?

My inspiration? Well, that has to be everyone I have worked for or done work for in the modding community. I had never received such encouragement to continue my projects and get them to where they are today. prome has always been by my side helping me if I need it and supporting me. I could not thank him enough. Also my right-hand man currently, ThinkAaboutIt, AKA Shooter or ThinkingShooter, who I will admit I was a bad person to in the beginning but I cannot thank him enough for sticking by me and still helping me develop my potions mod into what it has become today.

Is this your first ARK-related project? Have you worked on anything similar before?

This is most definitely not my first project haha. I have plenty of failed projects or discontinued ones as they were mods created when I first started modding. Crazy’s Crazy Dinos was the last failed project as it had to be discontinued after the Genesis 1 update, I was unable to fix a bug that caused my dev kit to crash as I was trying to upload updates.

I have no idea if that mod even still works but probably not! One of my favorite dinos where in there, the Rainbow Wyvern, But it is now lost until it makes its return in my secret upcoming project. But! As you could guess the failed mods crashed servers, broke dinos, I even remember one causing fish to fly… Yes, I broke everything in the beginning however I am definitely more developed in my skills now. I wish I could go back and restart how I began but mistakes were made and learned from. It’s the only way to develop and learn! But my achievement is the potions mod, being simple but helpful to the ARK community.

Outside of the ARK world, have you any other experience with any type of modding or coding?

In the beginning, I didn’t, I slowly learned the ARK dev kit from scratch after watching tutorials from other modders. However, my main goal was to break it all and then fix it as this is the way I learn. I started with taking dinos like the Trike or the Dodo and looking at their code and blueprints to find out what the heck I was working with.

As I was watching and ripping things apart I started to understand and just go from there. In my 3rd year of University, it was actually ARK: Survival Evolved that helped me decide I wanted to branch off in my degree towards the gaming specialist side of audio engineering, which lead me to use Unreal Engine to develop sounds and small games.

The sound aspect was the most important side of it which also helped me develop boss music and other strange effects for my dinos and items, studying the boss music of ARK by Gareth Coker. Also looking at the atmosphere music in ARK to help improve my own little shooter tek game.

Using all of this helped me look at dinos and items in a different light. Coding wise, I had one up until 3 years ago when I started working for a YouTubers community, SideShow Ashley and TagBackTV, in which I developed a Discord bot for them to help with applications and moderations. It was then I found a passion for JavaScript and C++ coding!

Do you have any tips and tricks for other people that either are doing this or want to get into it?

Don’t make the same mistake I did, thinking this was going to be easy. I would consider myself slightly knowledgeable in tech but I thought because of that this would be a smooth ride. Oh boy, it wasn’t haha! But really the best thing you can do is join the ark modding community discord and ask questions! Ask them all no matter how silly they may seem. Just ask and you will get far.

Check all tutorials, anything that seems to be old still watch it. You never know what you could pick up from it! Source files as also super fun to wade through, I know one of my personal favorites is the Gaia mod files as that is where I picked up most of my graphing techniques. Also, check your computer requirements before. You will definitely need a beefy SSD and a good bit of ram! I ran the dev kit on an HHD before when I first started…. Yeah don’t do that… Unless you are prepared to leave your computer on for days and wait for it to load all the dev kit assets! SSD makes it easier but the first-time load will still take a few hours! So be prepared to be patient!

Crazy’s Crazy Potions

Crazy's Crazy Potions
Crazy’s Crazy Potions

Lightweight QoL mod that adds in 14 different potions to aid your adventures in ARK;

Love Potion- Resets the breeding timer.
Gender Potion – Swaps the gender of your dino
Grow Up Potion – Instantly makes your baby an adult.
Ice Heal Potion – Creates an ice shield and heals you.
Gestation Potion – Instantlyfinishes the gestation period.
Instant Imprint Potion- Instantly Imprints your baby dino.
Level Up Potion – Gives you 2000 experience.
Cave Potion – This makes you immune to Purlovia stuns.
Sedative Potion – A strong narcotic that makes you hungry.
Well Fed Potion – Give you a full stomach.
Wide Awake Potion – Removes all torpor.
Engram Unlocker Potion – Unlocks all engrams, including Tekgrams.
Mind Wipe Potion – This can be used on dinos and players.
Pick Up Potion – Can be used to pick up dinos.

Do you have any plans or spoilers for your project you’d like to share?

I wish I did but currently, everything is on hold. I update the potions mod as and when I can with new potions from the suggestions of the players, however, I do have plans for a new dino mod which will be placed around a different kind of elemental dino. But I am happy to say that this mod will be the mod in which my beautiful Rainbow Wyvern will be making its comeback and even maybe including a few fan favorites like the Nitrado King Rex and Elemental Dragon!

Anything you’d like to add?

Thank you to the team for allowing me to do this! I love sharing my journey in the modding world as I hope I can help some people with this! To anyone starting out on their modding journey, if it is ARK: Survival Evolved, or Atlas I wish them all well and good luck to them all! I hope their journey is just as exciting and fruitful as mine was!


Thanks to CrazyDemonicWolf for taking the time to talk to us and share her experiences!

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