Interview with Zythara

Interview with Zythara

Today we’re giving you a little peek into an ARK modders life. Let’s meet Jordan, also known as Zythara!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Age, where you’re from. Interests, hobbies, etc.

I am 28, from Alberta, Canada. I am a hardcore gamer and almost all of my hobbies are game-related. Either being board games, card games, or digital games.

How did you get started on your project?

Zytharian Critters originally started as a small project where I could collect all the models I was making for other mods like Ark Eternal. I figured since a large majority of people didn’t play overhauls like that, so having a vanilla-based version a lot of people would appreciate.

Zytharian Critters is a collection of creatures balanced around vanilla stats and gameplay.

What is/has been your inspiration?

My inspiration doesn’t really come from the direct source material for my custom things, some of the ones like TEK and bone/skeletal creatures are definitely made to mimic the original ARK style and expand on that. Though my custom creatures just start from my fascination with Dragons and different types of surreal imagery. This is very prominent in a lot of the models that I have made that aren’t in the mod due to rig complications and needing to remake them from scratch to fit the new form.

Is this your first ARK-related project? Have you worked on anything similar before?

This is my first personal ark project. Though as mentioned I was originally brought on as a 3D modeler to help with Ark Eternal, and then a few other projects after that.

Zytharian Critters
Zytharian Critters

Outside of the ARK world, have you any other experience with any type of modding or coding?

The first modding that I ever did was actually for the early Pokemon games on Gameboy Ruby and Sapphire. And Halo 1, 2, and 3 on my Xbox/360. Both of these use modded systems and a mixture of programs from others or coded up from me and my friends.

Do you have any tips and tricks for other people that either are doing this or want to get into it?

Most particular to 3D modeling some of the best things that I have learned is that the game will hide a lot of the extreme details that you can do when sculpting unless you’re going to max out your texture budget. Which the game supports this it isn’t good practice for filesize. So when sculpting out your mesh be wary of how much time you spend directly into a single area vs what you will actually see of that in-game.

Do you have any plans or spoilers for your project you’d like to share?

Currently, for my mod I have a bunch of more TEK dinos coming for other users to experience, a new alien-based sound Wyvern, a few horror-based creatures (should I ever finish their animations), and then some elemental forms of existing creatures. I’ve always enjoyed how the Wyverns had their elemental forms fit and match well in the game and would like to see it on some of the more favored dinos like Rexes or personally Therizino.


Thanks to Zythara for taking the time to talk to us and share his experiences!

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