Terms for using sourcefiles from ARKMod.net

By checking the box and thus downloading source files from ARKMod.net you agree to these simple, but important terms.

Failure to comply can lead to legal sanctions and will get your IP reported and blacklisted. A report will also be sent to Steam if you upload them there. These rules can be changed and updated at any time and it’s your responsibility to update yourself with these changes.

These terms are a form of a binding legal contract, failure to comply with these terms can get your account suspended. If rules are broken severely, a report to the police in your country may be relevant as well.

  1. You are not allowed to reshare these files in any way. If you want to share them, you must refer to the post on ARKMod.net where you got them.
  2. You are not allowed to take credit for these files in any way.
  3. If you use anything, give proper credit where credit is due. Some of these files are a result of tens of thousands of hours of work.
  4. Do not reupload the mod to Steam Workshop(or anywhere else) as is.
  5. Some source files may have other terms and conditions. If that’s the case, it will be specified in its individual post or embedded in the archive.
  6. We are never responsible for what you do with these files or how they’ll behave on your PC. They are obviously scanned by us before we post them but the download and usage are always at your own risk.
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