Terms of Service

This ToS applies to SVN repos and subdomain/hosting. Its not that complicated but read through it carefully anyway. Failure to comply can get your account suspended. These rules can be changed and updated at any time and it’s your responsibility to update yourself with these changes. We’ll try to contact you(mail/discord) if changes are made.

These rules are not in any form a binding legal contract, but should be treated as such, as failure to comply with these rules can get your account suspended. If rules are broken severely, a report to the police in your country may be relevant as well.

  1. We are offering these services to help out. With that said, we have the right to revoke your account at any time, for any reason.
  2. The domain/hosting is meant for storing information relating to ARK and ARK modding. You are not allowed to store any other type of information. If the website contains cookies and/or any other means to track the visitor, a GDPR notice and a form of consent must be present. You are allowed 1GB of storage and its up to you keep track of how much you are using. You are not allowed to host any type of scraper on this domain.
  3. You are not allowed to store anything illegal or do anything illegal on any of these servers/services.
  4. The SVN is meant for storing information relating to ARK mods. You can obviously store assets that you plan to use in any ARK mod in the future, may it be models, textures, sound, rigs etc etc. Remember that assets you’ve obtained illegally is also forbidden to store on our servers.
  5. You are not allowed to share your credentials to anyone else. You are also responsible of securing your credentials and your computer while using our services. If you want to add someone to your project, let us know and another account can be made.
  6. You are not allowed to use our services as a filearchive or a mirror made for the public.
  7. You can not use your SVN, domain or website for monetary gain. Serving ads of your own or from a third-party on your website will get your account suspended. Donations are excluded. You are allowed to place a single banner that leads to your serversponsor.

By submitting any of the forms and thus, applying for a service, we’ll assume that you’ve read, understood, and will comply with these rules.

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